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Proceedings of International Conference
"Physical Interpretations of Physical Relativity"
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
ISSN 2309-7604

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Editorial ethics

Declaration of the editorial board of the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory Proceedings.

Authorship: By the fact of submitting materials for publication in the Proceedings the authors confirm their authorship and agree that in case of the admission of these materials to the publication they can be placed in electronic databases with the obligatory indication of authorship. At that all copyrights are retained in full by the authors of published materials. In the text of the work the involved external information sources should be presented in full in the form of lists of sources (both published and hand-written), research literature (including own previously published works) and informants (by publishing field studies). Authors are required to indicate correctly the borrowings in the form of citations and/or references. Any form of plagiarism is unacceptable.

Editors is required:

  • to respect authors and their scientific determination, trying to support the creative intentions and not to impose their conditions and scientific concepts; to keep the editorial privacy; to avoid negligence in the processing of materials;
  • not to correct the author's text without an acceptable reason, to try to understand and to follow the author's intention, to discuss with the authors the final version of the text after making editorial changes;
  • to prevent the publication of materials if they do not have scientific value, if they do not comply with the profile of the journal or contradict its editorial policy and if there are strong reasons to believe that they contain plagiarism or have been previously published in other editions (in case of disclosure of such violations the editorial board can refuse to publish this article at any time, including previewing the materials, without the involvement of the reviewers, and not to accept any work from unscrupulous authors during three years);
  • not to give preference to authors according to gender, race, origin and other conditions that are not related to the scientific value of the work;
  • not to have conflict of interest in relation to articles that they reject or accept;
  • keep the fixed terms of reviewing;
  • to consider the reviewed manuscript as a confidential document, not to provide it for examination to other persons; the written reviews should be also kept confidential;
  • not to use unpublished information from manuscripts;
  • to provide an objective, well-reasoned and correct assessment of study results;
  • to inform about the case of insufficient scientific or professional competence for the objective evaluation of materials;
  • not to have conflict of interests in relation to research, to author or his research sponsors.

Authors of articles are required:

  • to provide novelty, authenticity and originality of the results of independent or collective research, to indicate all used materials of other authors with a precise indication of these authors and primary sources;
  • to avoid excessive borrowing and plagiarism in any form; to avoid self-plagiarism (attempt to republish own previously published work without significant changes), to ensure that the article is an exclusive material and has not been previously published or sent to other journals;
  • to indicate all the works in the article that had importance for the research, and to provide references to them;
  • to include among co-authors all the persons who have made a significant contribution to the study and who have provided the quality of its result;
  • to inform the editorial board about errors in the article at any stage of material processing or after the publication of the article.