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Proceedings of International Conference
"Physical Interpretations of Physical Relativity"
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Information for authors

The format of files of abstracts and papers is *.doc or *.docx.

An article should be formed as one file and should include:

1. The Theme Categories;
2. A title page with title of article, name(s) of author(s) and address(es) of establishment(s) where the work was carried out;
3. Key words;
4. An abstract;
5. Text of paper;
6. A list of references.

Title of article should be concise but informative. For multiple-authored articles list the names of all the authors first, followed by the full postal addresses, using superscript numeric identifiers to link an author with an address. You can also include e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers on the title page.

Your abstract should give readers concise information about the content of your article. It should be informative and not only indicate the general scope of the article but also state the main results obtained and conclusions drawn. As the abstract is not part of the text it should be complete in itself; no table numbers, figure numbers, references or displayed mathematical expressions should be included. It should be suitable for direct inclusion in abstracting services and should not normally exceed 200 words.

Text. Research papers and review articles can be divided into numbered sections and subsections.

You should use tables only to improve conciseness or where the information cannot be given satisfactorily in other ways such as by histograms or graphs. Tables should be numbered serially and referred to in the text by number (table 1, etc). Each table should have an explanatory caption which should be as concise as possible.

If your article consists of a very large amount of tabular material such as long lists of crystallographic results, computer programs and spectrographic results we would not normally publish these in full.

In terms of general style, conciseness in writing helps the reader, but clarity is most important. Short sentences and paragraphs make reading easier. You should aim for consistency within your article in matters such as hyphenation and spelling.

All acronyms and abbreviations should be clearly explained when they first appear in the text, and all units used should be consistent throughout the article.

Illustrations and tables should be numbered and titled and be included into the text of paper.

A complete reference should provide your reader with enough information to locate the article concerned and should consist of: name(s) and initials, date published, title of journal or book, volume number, editors (if any) and, for books, town of publication and publisher (in parentheses), and finally the page numbers. Where there are up to ten authors, all authors' names should be given in the reference list.

You should take particular care to ensure that the information is correct so that links to referenced articles can be made successfully. Material which is really a footnote to the text should not be included in the reference list, which should contain only references to bibliographic data.

Copies of cited publications not yet available publicly should be submitted for the benefit of the referees. Unpublished results and lectures should be cited for exceptional reasons only.

Before submitting your article, please ensure you have done a literature search to check for any relevant references you may have missed.

References must be made in APA format. Any information about it and a lot of examples you can find on the website:

Some examples of references

1. Weber J. (1977). Topics in Theoretical and Experimental Gravitation Physics. New York, London: Plenum Press.
2. Giazotto A. (1989). Interferometric detection of gravitational waves. Physics Reports. V.182 (N6), 365-424.
3. Pizzella G. (1989). Gravitational wave experiment with resonant antennas. Gravit. Wave Data Anal. Proc. Nato Adv. Res., 173-194.

An expert opinion on the possibility of publishing articles in the press should be sent together with your article.

The final edition of papers will be made in common style under checking of the Editorial Board, formed by Organizing Committee.