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Proceedings of International Conference
"Physical Interpretations of Physical Relativity"
Bauman Moscow State Technical University

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Metrical interpretation of field theories

Siparov S.V.

State University of Civil Aviation, St-Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: Siparov

Traditional concept of force fields is based on Newton's mechanics and defines the dynamics of various physical systems. It is shown that it is equivalent to the use of the corresponding metric of an anisotropic space. This is a base of the geometric approach describing the motions of a physical system. Such approach makes it possible to get rid of several known paradoxes; it could be also used for the further development of the theory. Examples from classical mechanics, hydrodynamics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and gravitation theory are given.

Keywords: field theories, metrical interpretation, Newton’s mechanics.

DOI: 10.18698/2309-7604-2015-1-483-501

Article file: Siparov.pdf